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TOM MACLEAR Biography 

Composer, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Entertainer

Tom MacLear's last public appearance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live in December, since then he has announced his retirement from  music performances and touring and has since resurrected a film project that has had in development 20 years ago.

Tom MacLear's award winning career had finally found flight after a 40 year career in the 'back room corporate world,' of Ghost Writing for some of the biggest names in the Entertainment Industry.

From scoring numerous works for Television and Motion Pictures to composing his Country and Pop songs in Los Angeles, New York, London and Nashville:  Tom MacLear's career has seen his many talnets in play in many mediums: Producer, Director, Actor, Composer, Music Editor, Scenic Artist and Production Design.

"...Material is not a problem here.  Tom has performed and written his songs for some of the best!  He's the man behind the curtain, one of music's best kept secrets, glad I found him..." 

              The late great Publisher, TV Host, Promoter:  Don Kirshner (2009)


With his steady flow of hit radio releases since 2010, he has topped numerous charts and radio playlists in Country, HOT/AC and Alternative genres alike_ Making him a new hot commodity in this world of the cookie-cutter music packages of late. 

Tom is a living legacy of the Southern California Country Rock Boom of the 70's.  MacLear transplanted rolls from his work with British artists in the '70s & "80s while residing in Los Angeles during the historic formative years of the L.A. Country Rock Boom.  MacLear was a Ghost Writer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and touring artist for or with such acts as Emmylou Harris' Hot Band, The Burrito Brothers, The Dirt Band and many others.  Often referred to as

MacLear is emerged toward the center of the stage as the torch bearer of the Neo-Traditional and Alternative-Blues movements, as Nashville has irrevocably lost it's hold on what Country Music is and Blues has certainly moved far from it's purist base.

From 2013-2018 tom MacLear enjoyed considerable success from his National Radio Releases: 'Sweet Summer Days' 'All That You Dream' 'Someday' and 'Unapproachable' all which found tens of thousands of spins, #1 slots and 6 Top 10 rankings reported by Independent Country and AC/Top 40, Americana, Roots, Sound Exchange and Nielsen tabulations, outside of the money driven rankings of Billboard.

Witness: via Nashville, MacLear's recent awards for 'Favorite AC/Top 40 Male Artist' and 'Best New Country Band' via the 'Independent Music Awards  ICM / New York'  and 'New Music Weekly' clearly show that MacLear has found a new beginning and since his triumphant nationwide performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 2018, Tom MacLear should be once again be considered a most relevant force in the music industry 4 decades since his first hit single authorship.  

'...Time does not change the quality of a well written song.  A good song is timeless and Tom MacLear has songs...'

             Gordon Waller, Steel Wallet Publishing,  Former  member of the                       legendary duo-Peter & Gordon

Early Background___________

Prior to MacLear's career in Rock & Roll, Tom was already a veteran of the stage having acted along side a 15 year old Steve Marriott on the London Stage, who would also move on to popular music fame with the Small Faces and Humble Pie.  The production was Oliver in which MacLear was Oliver and Marriott was the Artful Dodger, on the west end. 

MacLear was a stage brat of musical comedy and light opera and would later look back on his early education from such songs written by Noel Coward, Cole Porter, Rogers & Hammerstine, Gerswhin etc., as one of the most important educations of lyrics, words, melody and orchestration any one musician could wish for.  

Tom MacLear's life took a dramatic turn at age 20 with his first Ghost Writer commissions which would see him steadily employed and prolific for the next 20 years.  

Having found an affinity for all things stringed - including bottle-neck / lap slide guitars, dobro, mandolin, banjo, bass and beyond, Tom would venture into many live and recording ventures on both sides of the Atlantic to quench his need to perform beyond the pen and paper. 

Tom MacLear would perform, record, produce or mentor dozens of artists with his uniquely diverse knowledge of musical genres, aspects and styles.     


Tom MacLear enjoyed a career within a career as the front man for the band "MacLear" during the Celtic rock boom, releasing four critically acclaimed CD's, most notably: "Highland's Fire" and "Second Chances" on the Freedom Records Label (BMG/Sweden/Germany) which received generous radio play on RTE Radio Ireland, BB3 Radio Scotland, England and became a festival favorite throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the UK from 1994 thru 2001. 

Tom MacLear  has written screenplays, recently published the critically acclaimed book of poetry 'Inside A String' (published by Water Forest Press) and has produced art for such television shows as "Californication" and "Caveman."

In 2004 Tom MacLear went into a self imposed retirement and took six years away from things.  "The music business was changing and my colleagues were leaving in droves.  A movement of businessmen and lawyers were seizing the record industry from the true pioneers of the business as music labels were being destroyed by the internet, streaming and pirate downloads.  Tom MacLear wanted none of it.   

Once an artist always an artist________

Tom MacLear's philosophy of music is that "it is all about the song.  That is the key thing, a good story goes a long way.  to stand on a stage and see people ten rows back kissing, hugging, crying, busting out in anger or happiness, moving them, inspiring them is the greatest high on earth.  Writing, singing and exchanging dreams and hopes of mine that somehow might inspire others to make their day, their life a bit happier is the greatest honor on earth."

"That's why I do what I do and no change of industry structure or reinvention of the music business standards can or will ever prevent me from doing what I was born to do." 

Tom MacLear is the continued 'Bloodline' of the Southern California Country-Rock boom and there's so much more to come.

"Tom MacLear puts the Blues into Bluegrass and the Soul into Country."

MEG Records & Publishing ASCAP     

January 22nd, 2019


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