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Tom MacLear      Composer   •   Screenwriter      Producer (WGA)
Tom MacLear's last public appearance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live in December, since then
he has announced his retirement from music and touring and has since resurrected a film
project that he had in Development 20 years ago, but shelved due to his busy
recording and touring schedules.

Initially conceived for the stage in 1996, the project grew into a feature film join venture
in 2000.  The script created seed money, endorsements and letters of intent from
numerous Directors, Actors and Producers but was unfortunately shelved in 2001. 

Recent re-connections with several Producers who remembered the script have resurrected
the project recognizing the resurgence of musicals in Feature Films or Television, and has positioned
Tom MacLear's production as a high priority to pursue.

Drawing from his award winning songwriting career of 40 years, his periodic ventures of
producing short films and his 35 years in IATSE working in Art Department, Film Scoring and
Sound-Score editing, Tom MacLear consolidates his considerable knowledge to
build a joint venture once more and deliver an exciting new Musical Feature Film.



 Published Author, Water Forest Press



Artist/Painter (Sony Television, Showtime, HBO, Universal Pictures (IATSE)

Artist Biography:

Tom MacLear is a student of the renowned Portrait Artist and Muralist Jaroslav Gebr.   His training comes from
a classic post war European and post- impressionistic ethos, however his years in the United States have given
him a wide range of influences within his attack and approach of brush, pushing his tone and scope of composition
to a more unique and contemporary attitude of color and composition.

MacLear’s early success was not through the medium of art, but as a composer of music, recording artist and
stage performer and within the last 20 years has become a published poet and screenwriter. 

While on leave from musical tours and recording sessions, Tom MacLear has had a parallel career over the last four
decades within the Film and Television Industry. 

Tom MacLear has provided numerous works of art in portrait and scenic form for such films and television
productions as ‘Escape From Alcatraz,’ ‘My First Mister,’ ‘Country Bears,’ ‘Caveman’ and ‘Californication.’  '
Having served his talents as a Scenic Artist, Set Dresser, Set Decorator, Production Designer and Stage Hand.

MacLear received his artistic training while on the job, as he was first employed by his artistic mentor
and teacher Jarsoalv Gebr, working on film lots such as Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and MGM during
their industrious years of the 1970’s and 80’s.   

MacLear is also credited as Tom/Thomas Gebr or Tom/Thomas Gebr-MacLear.  He currently serves as
conservator/custodian of the Jaroslav Gebr Art Estate in partnership with his sister Katharina McMahon and
continues to paint, write and publish his music and poetry while residing in Los Angeles California.



'INSIDE A STRING' by Tom MacLear • Water Forest Press, 3rd Pressing: January 1st, 2019

The Book:

A collection of Poems, Essays, and Lyrics of one man's take on the human element of America from the Beat movement
of the 50's to the Counter Culture of the 60's thru the 'X' and 'I' generations_ Delivered in Spoken Word,
Prose and Transcendental and Spiritual Abstract___

About the author:

Award wining songwriter, producer, entertainer and poet Tom MacLear has captured a span of
life from the east to the west in his new book, Inside a String. Those familiar with Hemingway, Kerouac,
Ferlinghetti, Dylan and Ginsberg will enjoy the “Beat” flavor of the poetry in this book as well as some of the
more simple, straightforward attacks on our hearts and our senses. These poems speak to the reader and take
us on that wonderful journey from the depths of city life in NYC to the beautiful coastlines of California and
everywhere in between, wherever our minds choose to travel as we take a magical ride with poet, Tom MacLear.


Review, Interview, Q & A with 'INSIDE A STRING' Author Tom MacLear • August 11, 2014

Connecting with an audience is one of the most rewarding experiences for any author or even songwriter.

Tom MacLear is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do both.

MacLear’s latest project, Inside A String, published by Water Forest Press Books is a collection of poems, essays, lyrics, and prose.

Inside A String has already sold out of its first soft release and will be reprinted and re-released to fans later in the year.

Our editorial staff was lucky enough to get a copy beforehand and from what we have reviewed there’s no contest.

This piece is a must read and perfect edition to anyone’s collection.

Whatever skepticism or misgivings one might have towards songwriters not being as ‘fluid’ with their poetry as ‘true’ poets(we had this debate

in our office) can be easily vanquished as MacLear humbly reminds us that an artist should not be confined or forced into one preconceived

category, as he perfectly states:
“if art is not allowed to grow, it withers and dies inside you.”

Not only does Inside A String liberate us from our pretentious views of the world (lets face it, we writers are notorious of this) but it reminds us

of who we are at heart; Little lost souls founded in the commonality of our existence for it is but a string that binds us, and pulls us back onto

the path towards home.

Q & A:

Q: What can your current fans and other poetry lovers anticipate in this debut?

A: This book marks the birth of a new creative path for me, a path that lends a greater freedom for my art, with no restraints to pin me down.

Through this new path I hope to provide further insight and inspire others who understand the power of the written word in prose, phrase or rhyme and in that, push the next person to pass on the same gifts to the next”

Q: What upcoming projects are you working on? 

A: I feel its time for me to close old doors and open up new roads to travel.

My belief is: if art is not allowed to grow, it withers and dies inside you.

So with those feelings at the forefront, I have begun to complete the recording of a Blues CD which I started some 6 years ago, but was forced to put the work on the back burner due to my Nashville project I have been working with since 2010.  I hope to complete and release the CD by January of next year.

I am also rewriting a screenplay entitled: ‘Bleecker Street’ which I wrote in 1998 (registered WGA) and went into preproduction with VMS Productions at Warner Hollywood Studios via Writer / Director / Producer: CW Cressler in 2004.

We had two ‘A’ list actors in Dennis Hopper (A major financial contributor in the project) and Peter Fonda.  This would have been their first film together since their legendary 60’s classic Easy Rider.  Unfortunately, the project was pulled from the table, due to Dennis’s other film projects in Europe that ran beyond schedule and which caused Peters window of availability to close.

Much of the material contained within ‘Inside A String’ is part of the screenplay of ‘Bleecker Street.’

The story line is a fiction based on the factual accounts of one family of musicians, painters, poets, actors/activists and their life spent within the trials and tribulations of the 60’s counter culture movement rooted in the bohemian world of Greenwich Village during its Zenith, an army of artisans living side by side, generating a voice for the new-youth-order of the counter culture movement.  How things worked, how things failed and how the movement never really ended and how it still waits to find a time to reconnect with the next generation of eager and authentic idealists.

It frustrates me to know, since the film’s first production effort, numerous productions have tapped on this very subject matter since 2004 ie: Robert Redford’s ‘The Company You Keep’ and most recently the Cohen Brother’s film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis.’

Nevertheless I believe the historic and aesthetic content of ‘Bleecker Street’ will have something new to bring to the table which has yet to be captured midst all of the other past tributes produced about Greenwich Village and the years of the Counter Culture movement.

Lastly, I am hoping to spend time on my next book, which will be a part 2 to INSIDE A STRING (another collection of essays, prose and lyrics from my days of travel and performances), but it will have a more direct message and intent towards a very significant theme I am obsessed with in these recent years.

Q: Is there going to be an official book tour for the release and where can readers receive autographed copies?

A: Right now, the book is on a soft release (no major agency or promotion assistance) I am still finding my balance out here in this new medium I’ve just plunged into.

By years end, I will have printed another run of the book and by then I hope to have a proper agent. So, I hope everyone will be patient with me.  I am as eager to meet all of my readers as they have written me and have given me such wonderful reactions and compliments on the book.”

Q: How is your poetry different from your songwriting and which creative expression do you most prefer?

A: Songwriting poses so many restrictions on rhythmic patterns, cadence of paragraphs, counting words and syllables; for me, it really is more difficult to write a truly masterful song lyric than a poem or a work of prose_ Your horizons and spiritual freedom within the words, fall to a more finite activity while playing in and out of a melody.”

Q: What is the intended message behind Inside A String?

A: I want people to think. And I want people to care about words again.

I want people to realize that reading words is the most accessible, reliable, affordable and most powerful medicine made available to everyone in this world.

And yet, words can be the most destructive, hurtful, diabolic and cancerous entity humankind has ever invented.

…And if people would like to cherish the privilege of words and truly understand the power in how they are used, it could lead the world to the single most enlightening era known to civilization.

It is the interpretation and the state of being of mind in where the reader determines what becomes of the words when ingested.

As one example, the Bible is a manuscript of ink on paper and yet it is the most inspirational as well as the most destructive piece of literature known to this world for over the last 3,000 years.

It is all up to all of us.  ‘I want people to think and I want people to care again…. about words'

Q: If you had to choose: Which titled poem from Inside the String is the most meaningful to you and why?

A: The life I have chosen to be is an artist who pushes, inspires or helps further something because of my art.

I don’t want followers. I don’t want people to sit and wait and to turn to the art repeatedly for the crystal ball.  I want them in forward motion, making each day better at what they are.

I want to be their river that their life skips upon as they skip across the surface to the other side of where they are heading.

In this light, the poem I would pick would be:   “IN THE END” on page #103.

Q: What is the story behind the chosen title, ‘Inside A String’

A: I have heard many opinions from my readers of what the title means to them and I do not like to dictate how they should interpret what the title of my book means, let alone what is the meaning of the work itself.

To explain the chosen title, is to explain myself and since I never wrote an introduction to this first book of mine, perhaps an exclusive ‘Introduction’ within this interview is appropriate.

My early American literary influences were Emerson, Thoreau and Walt Whitman. Much of their writings were rooted within the platform of early American ‘Transcendental Idealism’ and in their practice of disambiguation within their works.  I have had a fascination with the impact of this early American movement’ which took hold in the 1830’s, as they embraced a new way of thinking that had filtered it’s way to America from ‘the eastern side of the world.’

In 1893 Swami Vivekananda ** visited the U.S. and introduced a Neo-Hinduism into the pre-American-industrial-age psyche.  This ideology took hold within the ‘literary intelligentsia’ in America, which furthermore galvanized the ethos from which the progressive poets of that time would create their works.

This was a refreshing reaffirmation of ‘Emerson-Thoreau-ism,’ as it promoted the idea of ones personal power of thought, reasoning and the ability to contribute to society as a free standing ‘individual’ without functioning under the finite control of a Church or State (as if they were the only entities allowed to define their existence… to be recognized as a human by someone else in order to be 'a human being' is ludicrous).   Through this newly discovered awareness, this realism propelled a whole new view of Art’s perspective for and through – ‘Individualism.’ Which of course, in the broader view of 19th century thinking, was quite a shocking business indeed. *

•     *

•     *Individualism (Wikipedia): In the mid 1800’s, American Transcendentalists believed that society and its institutions—particularly organized religion and political parties—ultimately corrupted the purity of the individual. They had faith that people are at their best when truly “self-reliant” and independent. It is only from such real individuals that true community could be formed.

This doctrine within the literature of the progressive American poet, was the petri dish from which our Beat Poets i.e.: Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, O’Hare and countless others further paved their destiny by demolishing the last vestiges of the dry, redundantly anemic traditional American poem which was already dyeing a slow arduous death.

America’s poets of the 19th and 20th century, should receive the real credit for introducing TM thought and ‘lightness of being’ to the Art’s and social interaction in America, as they were working from this platform 100 years before the Beatles and the Maharishi Yogi brought it to the worlds attention in the 1960’s.

Alarmingly most of these poets I emulated were anarchists and sometimes atheists.  I am neither.  In fact I am quite religious and I do believe in a democratically elected structure to contain and mange the human psyche and impose a law of governance if only to tame the habitual idiosyncrasies in which our misdiagnosed socio-political neurosis perpetuate one crisis after another which continuously threatens the very existence of our species.

Furthermore I have held on to most of the doctrine of Thoreau and Emerson, but I have cast away the extremes of ‘transcendental idealism’ due to its overt practice of ‘Social and Political decent and ‘civil disobedience’ which in its truest form and practice, most notably Marxism, has only lead to the fracturization of civil cohesiveness while misinterpreting the transcendental idealism and its purity and by doing so, ignites an internal mutation within those who seek a more narcissistic self/existence, regressing to a primal, self foraging, capitalistic-individualism, living within ones own ideology designed for only one, and practicing a ‘dog eat dog,' ‘eye for an eye’ fantasy which no cohesive and authentic civilization can ever be built from.

Since the hay days of the early American TM 'enlightenment' of the 19th century, the life of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, have implemented a more sophisticated technique to socio / political and philosophical change, by means of ‘peaceful disorder and spiritual enlightenment; through peaceful massive social marches, sit-ins, fastings, religious and political lobbying against the corrupt structures of democratic procedure and have altered the world by only the power of the people, prayer and political meditation and mediation.  Whatever violence and death that might have occured during these times were events created by violent factions not living true to the Gandhi/MLK doctrine of protest.

In the end I believe we exist on the strength of the ‘collective’ and ‘in’ the partnership by and within everyone around you and I.  Just like a pack of wolves, a pride of lions or a tribe of indigenous natives; like fellow beings on this planet, the collective is the only way we will survive as a species and as a civilized form of being upon this earth.

From my journey through early American Transcendentalism I led myself further into the eastern doctrine of TM and eventually led myself to the grand-daddy of all questions: the ‘Final Theory.’  This further led to me to pursue the awareness of the .01%_ *

  • Theory of everything WikipediaA theory of everything (ToE) or final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory refers to the hypothetical presence of a single, all-encompassing, coherenttheoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe.[1] ToE is one of the major unsolved problems in physics.

…This led me to study of quantum thought and quantum physics_ hence the end goal of finding and agreeing with the ‘unified string theorem,’ which I believe within its full understanding and utilization within the math of science and within the math of sociological doctrine, can help save a world that seems to be spinning faster than its axis will allow.

The beauty of the title ‘Inside A String’ can lend a most simple yet very powerful visual as you magnify and study what a string actually is.

It is not really just one physical solid entity, but a multitude of countless fibers woven and intertwining through, around and across one another, making a ‘collective’ power of strength which no individual fiber could achieve on its own, yet in its practiced final version, it stands incredibly strong.

Excerpts from Inside A String now available in our Forum!

From Water Forest Press Books:

Inside A String: INSIDE A STRING: A collection of poems, essays, lyrics and prose by songwriter/author; Thomas MacLear.

One artists psyche of America ... (Volume 1) Paperback – June 1, 2014

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Today's Featured Books Jul. 16, 2014

Inside A String

by Tom MacLear
ISBN / ASIN: 1494886278

Award wining songwriter, producer, entertainer and poet Tom MacLear has captured a span of life from the east to the west in his new book, Inside a String. These poems speak to the reader and take us on that wonderful journey from the depths of city life in NYC to the beautiful coastlines of California and everywhere in between, wherever our minds choose to travel as we take a magical ride ...

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Most Moving Collection of Writings, July 4, 2014
J. Lapin Zell (South Brunswick New Jersey) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Inside A String: INSIDE A STRING: A collection of poems, essays,
 lyrics and prose by songwriter/author; Thomas MacLear. One artists psyche of America ... of poems by Tom MacLear) (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Inside A String: A collection of poems, essays, lyrics and prose by Tom MacLear

As a huge fan of the beats (Kerouac and Ginsberg are among my favorites), I felt very much at home in the pages of Tom MacLear’s book.
It was like wrapping myself in a cozy, warm blanket.

The reader travels with Tom MacLear from the smoky coffee houses of NYC’s Greenwich Village to the boxcars that inspired Woody Guthrie to Steinbeck’s beloved Cannery Row,
each very much a part of those artists who shaped America’s culture.

Along the way, we realize that we are “Inside A String” that ties them all together. This “string” wraps around one of the central themes of MacLear’s musings,
that of the delicate balance between the spiritual and the scientific in all aspects of our lives. He shows us that “the ultimate destiny of our existence is to comprehend the ‘meaning of ourselves’ “ and since this... Read more

5.0 out of 5 stars One of those jewels you will savor., June 22, 2014
This review is from: Inside A String: INSIDE A STRING: A collection of poems, essays, lyrics and prose by songwriter/author; Thomas MacLear. One artists psyche of America ... of poems by Tom MacLear) (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Written with honesty, sometimes rawness, and often lyrical beauty. Take this journey into the heart and soul of an incredible human being.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Review of Tom MacLear's inside a string by jacob erin-cilberto, July 4, 2014
This review is from: Inside A String: INSIDE A STRING: A collection of poems, essays, lyrics and prose by songwriter/author;
 Thomas MacLear. One artists psyche of America ... of poems by Tom MacLear) (Volume 1) (Paperback)
A Review of inside a string by Tom MacLear

There was an era of peace and love. The late sixties was a representation of that time---
In "Love Revealed" we get a look at a poem expressing love for a particular woman---but this poem
universally depicts the overall feeling of love that America was trying to feel during the Viet Nam War era.

"Faultless planning...
... Her delicate elegance_
her beauty fills me
her kindness arrests my soul
and releases
my restless spirit within"
Many of us had that restless spirit---
we wanted love not war--an America of delicate elegance---

This poem is part of inside a string, a book of poetry, prose and essays by musician and writer Tom MacLear.
His softspoken personality, his modesty, kindness and love for life shine through in all of the poems of this book that journeys across country much like Kerouac's "on the road"---yet with a... Read more

5.0 out of 5 stars By Hon. J. Bonbright Anderson
This young man's talents are hardly brushed by his latest work. One hopes he will continue to explore and expand his writing, his art, his music and his unique persona! Scots should also be aware of his significant contributions to their lives and appreciation of the arts.

Published by Water Forest Press Books

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