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Singer songwriter Tom MacLear has reached a new high, with the best CD release chart ranking since he began his Nashville Session Recordings in 2010,

producing 6 CD's in eight years. His string of Hit Radio Singles, such as 'Sweet Summer Days', 'All That You Give', 'Better Than You' and now 'Movin' Back To Texas'

has hit top 10 Alt Country, Traditional Country and Hot A/C charts.


'MOVIN BACK TO TEXAS'  is on  190 Americana Music Association Reporting Radio Stations in the U.S. and abroad:

  Reporting Stations

WWUH  / Connecticutt
WLVR / Pennsylvania
KNCE / New Mexico
WAGS / South Carolina
WQBR / Pennsylvania
WBSO / Texas
WMKY / Kentucky
WRKR / Baton Rouge, Louisiana
KUCI / Irvine, California
WHUS / Connecticut
KTEP / El Paso, Texas
KBSO / Corpus Christi, Texas
WDEC / Georgia
KCR / Scotland
WHYS / Wisconsin
CHRW - Ontario, Canada
FM GOLD - Belgium
RADIO MELODIE - Frankfurt, Germany
RADIO Parkstad - Harin, Netherlands
KZMU - Amarillo Highway Show, Utah
KVMR - California
WETS - Tennessee
WMMT - Whitesburg, Kentucky
WRRW - Virginia

More Stations

KICKS 106.9 - Tennessee
KZIS - Texas
KEHK - Oregon
KGWL - Colorado
KKRB - Oregon
KQCR- Iowa
KRUG - Colorado
KWYO - Wyoming
KZWY - Wyoming
KDOL - Livingston, Texas
KMDJ - Colorado
KCGW - Nebraska
EMM  Radio - Oregon
KLMJ / KQCR - Iowa
THE RIVER - Colorado
KOOL - Hollywood, Florida
HOT 100 - Hollywood, Florida
LAZER - Ft Pierce, Florida
WYTI AM - Rocky Mount, Virginia
KTNN FM - Window Rock, Arizona
WPPL FM - Blue Ridge Georgia & Chattanooga Tennessee
KSSL FM - Texas
KGFY FM Stillwater Oklahoma
WFLE FM - Femingburg, Kentucky
WISK FM - Americus Georgia
KHXI - FM Oklahoma / Arkansas
and many more


Inline image 4 PRESS RELEASE  •  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  •  AUGUST / 9 / 2017 


Featured Review / Story in the highly regarded: 'THE ALTERNATE ROOT' Magazine



An in depth look at TOM MACLEAR
by Rock Music's Independent Critic Roxanne Rubell

Inline image 2


Featured 'CD of the Week' / July 2017
by Don Chisholm at KCR FM, Northern Scotland

Inline image 5


Featured selections from God's & Ghosts

  Inline image 6

 by NPR 's Hootenanny Power Hour • WRKR 89.3 Baton Rouge, Louisianna


Featured Newly Released Single: 'MOVIN' BACK TO TEXAS'
@ 'New Dish At Noon'
On Thunder 92.7FM WTDR, Alabama

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Featured Radio Play
@ "Chance Austin's Last Chance Medicine Show"
WLVR FM Pennsylvania

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Tom MacLear's new CD 'God's & Ghosts' release set for May 25th  2017

Now on U.S. radio, it's first single release 'MOVIN' BACK TO TEXAS'

'MOVIN' BACK TO TEXAS' (single release) from veteran singer songwriter Tom MacLear's
new CD entitled:  Gods & Ghosts, his first CD in two years.

In 2010, Tom MacLear's career dramatically changed from Ghost Writer of 30 years to spotlight-
front-man-performer: when his sojourn of Nashville recordings gave him 5 Cd's in 5 years and 
found him 4 Radio Chart Topping Singles:'Sweet Summer Days', 'Unapproachable,'
 'Better Than You' and 'Someday,'
on Country and Hot A/C stations across the U.S.

2017 brings his all-star band LIVE on stages across the U.S. featuring:

     Renee DiSisto:   Vocals • Singer Songwriter
     Tony Braunagal: Grammy Award Winning Drummer/Producer from Taj Mahal, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt       
     Dave Pearlman: Pedal Steel from Dan Fogleburg, Phil Everly, Hoyt Axton, Joe Walsh...
     Billy Watts: Lead Guitars from Lucinda Williams, Carlene Carter, Eric Burden
     Terry Wilson: Bass from Delbert McClinton, Eric Burden and Teresa James





For Immediate Release

Exclusive up-close Interview with TOM MACLEAR on DCLIVE !

Tom MacLear in a rare and exclusive one hour interview with Rock Veteran Singer-Songwriter-Producer Don Cromwell, Discussing his plans for the upcoming 2016 Touring Season



                                  MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE: 10-28-12

                                      Tom MacLear is set to release his new CD via Meg Records. Here's some Press from his 1st release!


                                   MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE: 10-9-12

                                   TOM MACLEAR'S NEW CD is due for Release by Meg Records November 30th.

                                   This encore performance of new material consists of songs Tom has written for such artists as Jason Michael Carroll,
                                   Brad Paisley and numerous others in the Nashville community.  Ten new songs have been recorded with his band:
                                   ONE MORE RODEO (Dallas Hodge from Canned Heat, Bonnie Raitt and Steve Marriott fame) DAVE PEARLMAN
                                   (from Dan Fogleberg, Fools Gold, Don Everly) LARRY ZACK (from Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon) and PAT
                                   WILKINS (founder of Wilkins Guitars)... Featuring the exquisite vocals of HEATHER WATERS.

                                   TOM MACLEAR & ONE MORE RODEO is an actual living legacy of the Southern California Country Rock boom
                                   of the 70's & 80's, these boys were amongst the gifted writers, performers and trend setters who were members of the
                                   bands, tours and albums of such legendary friends, such as: The Flying Burrito Brothers, Emmy Lou Harris, The Eagles,
                                   The Byrds and many more...

                                   The new wave of Alt Country, Contemporary Nashville, Punk Bluegrass and Americana found their road in music via
                                   the descending founders of this Southern California Country Rock golden era. TOM MACLEAR and the members of
                                   ONE MORE RODEO was and has been an very significant force in this revolutionary era that changed Country Music

                                   TOM MACLEAR & ONE MORE RODEO has only 2 performances left in their Southern California home territory
                                   for 2012. Be sure to catch this bit of history, born anew!

                                   George Williams
                                   PR/A&R Meg Records                             

                                          7/ 8  / 12

                                          MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Tom MacLear's new Nashville Single 'BETTER THAN YOU' is available for download NOW!

                                          Click here  ~

                                    6 / 26 / 12
                                    MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

                                    If you missed Tom MacLear "Live" today on our show "Question Reality" which airs on LA Talk Radio,
                                    you can listen to the show via our website right now. What a great guest Tom was today on the show... 


                                    1 / 29 / 12
                                    MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
                                    Tom MacLear signs 3 year deal with OPUS ONE ARTIST SERIES. 

                                     'Tom MacLear is a world-class country musician, songwriter and producer.  His
                                     seasoned creative chops have led him to write for such greats as Brad Paisley and
                                     Annie Lennox while his sheer talent and musicianship have had him touring with
                                     The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Emmy Lou Harris.

                                     All of MacLear's talents have culminated in the production of his newest studio
                                     album. It features male and female vocalists as well as a peppering of other talented
                                     musicians conducted around Tom's signature slide guitar playing.  Although Tom
                                     is an established multi-stylist with the ability to blend many genres together, his
                                     country roots and rock influences are certainly the focus of this album.  Tom MacLear's
                                     music is nothing but a genuine foray into country-rock sounds paired masterfully
                                     with classically great songwriting.'

Spirit Music Productions / Los Angeles

                                    7 / 7 / 11

                                    MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

                                    A collection of reviews for Tom MacLear's ONE MORE RODEO:
                                    “…Tom MacLear has worked with some of the cream of the musical crop over the years,
                                    and he brings that musical approach to Music City with his ‘One More Rodeo’ CD… which
                                    I have a feeling will be growing sky high in the years to come.  It’s safe to say that Tom MacLear’s
                                    ears definitely knows good music, good pickers and great singers…it’s in full evidence here...”
                                    Chuck Daupin
                                    Music News Nashville

                                    "...Material is not a problem here.  Tom has performed and written hit songs
                                    for some of the best!  His unique style, especially his slide guitar, has earned
                                    him much respect in the music industry...glad I found him..."
                                    ‘the late great_’  Don Kirshner
                                    Producer, Publisher, Radio & TV Host

                                    "...A pure and honest writer of today.  His talents have only grown in his absence
                                    from the spot light over these last five years. 
                                    Brendan Cronan
                                    Anna Livia FM, Dublin Ireland

                                    “…Singer/Songwriter/Producer TOM MACLEAR returns with: One More Rodeo!
                                    Assembling a cast of his past and present piers, a who's who of the California
                                    Country-Rock Click, MacLear gives us a set of stunning new Contemporary Nashville
                                    songs to sink our teeth into. MacLear puts the Soul into Country and the Blues into
                                    Bluegrass and offers us a stellar piece of work to wet our lips with…”
                                    Mark Yandle
                                    Syndicated Music Critic

                                    "...One of the few true multi-stylists around today... he's been around the block a few times
                                    composing, performing and recording in so many different styles, there's no one best...but it
                                    looks like Nashville is his best to date..."
                                    Music Connection Magazine
                                    Los Angeles

                                    "...Often compared to such artists as Ry Cooder and Lowell George, Tom MacLear's
                                    Bottle-Neck-Slide playing has won him particular notoriety..."
                                    Mike Maloney
                                    RTE 2 FM, Dublin Ireland

                                    "...Tom MacLear's latest release is of variety and brilliance with sounds that are fresh and
                                    unique. With every song, MacLear shows his ability to write a very catchy tune combined
                                    with his poetic prowess, it moves the songs to yet another level..."
                                    Al Smith
                                    Real Australlia/Musicman

                                    "...Tom MacLear's  ‘One More Rodeo’ is a wonderfully catchy, enthralling and polished
                                    blend of Americana, Alt Country and Traditional Nashville..."
                                    BBC Radio Scotland

                                    1 / 20 / 2011
                                    MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

                                 A rare, up close and personal interview with Tom MacLear and Mark McDermott of THE READER.
                                    A long time favorite News Magazine for Southern California

                                                                                       CLICK HERE

1 / 1 / 2011
                                     MEG RECORDS PRESS RELEASE / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

                                     Tom MacLear One More Rodeo would like to thank their friends, fans, WSIX, WKDF, WDVX, WTQR,
                                     WGKX Tennessee, WRAS, WKHX, WKNG Virginia, WDEN, WNGC, WKCN, WBYZ Georgia,
                                     affiliates in North Carolina, Florida and Arista / Nashville for their support in the music we created to
                                     give to you for your pleasure! Happy New Year!

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